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My Immortal Life - One Piece - Chapter 56
The tavern was loud and merry as the red hair pirates were enjoying their feast. Rockstar down his cup before slamming it onto the table.
“Ah… that hit the spot.” He sigh as he look over at the door.
“I wonder how our old Capt’an is doing?”
“I’m sure our idiot captain is doing fine. He can be a real sweet talker to the ladies.” Yassop spoke beside him.
“I doubt that. Sure he’s a damn good sweet talker but we are talking about the one woman he’s truly love and admire. That fool is going to look like an idiot in front of her!” Lucky Roo spoke with his mouth full and took another bite of the turkey leg.
“Hahaha!  You’re right! I remember how he acted when Evolet came and surprise him on that island. Always trying to drink her under the table and throwing every cheesy pick up line there is.” Yassop agreed as he chug down his drink. Benn nodded with a smile.
The door slammed open and before
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My Immortal Life - One Piece - Chapter 55
Shanks crew were all standing around watching their captain dancing around the ship since they had left the island. The sound of glee as a wide grinned plaster on his face as he keeps whatever it was in his fist close to his chest.
“So… Is anyone going to even ask?” One of them ask as they rubbed their head as an oncoming headache was forming. Then Yasopp let out a long sigh as he makes his way toward the goofy captain.
“Uh… cap’n?” The red hair man stop for a moment to peer over to his crew mate.
“What, uh, got you so happy since this morning?” Yasopp saw his captain grin grew as he showed him the small vile in his hand.
“I have found it! After years of chasing down that damn bird I have finally found it! Now Evolet and I can truly be together now that I manage to break her curse!”
“Evolet… Curse… What?” One of them uttered out as Benn carefully explain it to them.
“Evolet is Shank long tim
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Shanks x Reader One Shot ~ Frost Bite!
Just giving you guys a head up but there is a bit of nakey and a bit of 'bedroom' talk but nothing too deep....( I walked myself into that one -_-') But just letting you know that in the begining and I did intended to write this as a female POV but it's seem to work better as a male and this is my first so bear with me. Thanks
“Island ahead!” One of the crew shouted as you quickly run to the front of the ship to get a look at it.
“OOH! A snow island! I’ve never been to one of those! And it’s so white! Shank! Shank! Can we go and dock for a bit! I want to play in the snow!” you shouted with glee as you bounce around Shank. He smile as he let out a laugh.
“Of course! Anything for you! You guys heard him! Let’s go to the island!” Shank ordered as the crew groaned a bit since they knew it was going to be cold but they all have a gho
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Shanks x Reader One Shot ~ A HANDful of Puns
Arms hanging above you as you were observing the upside-down world swaying around the forest. Your ankles were caught in a trap and you did struggle for a while with the bells jingling above you before you gave up completely. So, you waited until someone come around.
You heard twigs snapping as you open your eyes. You were feeling lightheaded with all the blood pooling up around your head and your limbs are feeling numb. You just hoping whoever is coming would kindly cut the trap off of you. A rustle of leaves and snap of branches where a bright red hair came to view.
Shock was apparent across his face as he tilt his head way over to the side to meet eye contact of you. You smile as you waved over to him.
“How’s it going, Cherry top?” You cheerfully said as the man pause.
“Nothing much… How are you?” The man asked.
“Oh, don’t mind me, I’m just ‘hanging’ around.” You chuckled at your own joke as you swing out of vie
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Time Jumper OP CH 5
When you arrived to the new time zone, you immediately fell to your knees and started to cough. You felt like you were hacking up a lung as you kept coughing for a few minute. Then you pulled your hand away and saw blood on them. You could feel your body slowly failing on you as everything seem to hurt in one way or the other.
Slowly, you started to stand as you wiped most of your blood on the ground before wiping some on your pant. You looked down and sighed. You looked like you came from a blood bath. Even though the sun was setting, you didn’t want to be walking around with blood on your shirt and pant. So you started to wonder. You realized that you were in an alleyway of some large town. By a stroke of luck, you spot an old cloak on top of the garbage. You grabbed it and quickly put them on and tuck your hood around your Indiana Jones hat. You slowly got yourself out of the alley and into the empty street. Then your ears perked up to the sound of shouting. You look toward th
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Time Jumper OP 4
When you opened your eyes, you saw what’s look like someone bedroom. A very NICE bedroom.  You wiped away the tears that had fallen on your face as you slowly stood up. You looked around and everything is so fancy that you thought you landed in some royal bedroom. The question is… to whom it belongs to.
“I got to stop wasting my time here and start finding the Devil treasure… whatever that may be.” You sighed out as you started to make your way to the door. As soon as you opened the door, you can face to face with a sloppy, sagging man who has snots hanging out of his nose. The two of you stare at each other, not making a move.
‘Crap… out of all the Donquixote pirate, it has to be the grossest, snottiest, lack of personal space guy, Trebol.’ You thought as disgust quickly written across your face.
“Who the hell are you?! Why are you in Master bedroom?” Trebol said in a stuffy voice. You force a smile as you raise your fin
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Time Jumper OP CH 3
“It’s so COLD!” You screamed out to no one as you walk through the deep snow as the wind pierce your exposed skin. Struggling to keep your hat on and pulling your jacket in tighter to your body, you pushes on against the winter storm. A few moment ago, you thought that you had finally died. That your soul has been taken by the Devil and was doomed for all eternity.  You had a nice adventure with Ace and his crew but it was too bittersweet short for you. Then all of the sudden, you were engulfed into a pile of snow as you jumped out and screamed by the sudden cold. Nope, not dead yet. Unless this is hell and it freezes over.
So onward you went through the snowstorm in search for a place that would protect you from the cold. Then all of the sudden, you spots something blowing in the wind. You walked towards it and see that it was a blanket. An old, dirty blanket but a blanket.
“Thank you lord almighty!” You jumped for joy as you reach and pulled the bla
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Time Jumper OP CH 2
You started to wake up to see the morning sky. You blinked a few time trying to remember the event last night. Was all of this was a dream? Did someone slip something in your drink to cause that dream that she made a deal with the devil? Or did you party too hard since you found out the news about your health? Questions and theories begins to swirl around in your head as you slowly closed your eyes.
“Better get up and face the world today with whatever time I have left.” You says as you slowly got up. Your whole body aches but you manage to stand and observed your surroundings.
“Damn, where the hell am I?” Behind you was the forest and in front of you was fields of grass hills with the village in sight at the bottom of the hill. Beyond that was the clear blue waters as far as the eyes could see with some boats that was dock at the harbor.
“Damn….what the hell happened last night to get me this far from the city? Well, better get down to the village a
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Time Jumper OP
The devil was pacing back and forth. He was long overdue with his payment and was struggling to find a quick and easy way to pay him back. He walked among the mortal human but they could not truly see him. Today was Halloween and every humans was in their costumes and every monster were out of their hiding and disguise and was walking among them. It is also when ghost and demons have enough power to take human form and enjoy playing mischief with the humans.
It didn’t take long to find himself in front of the hospitals. He thought that he could easily make a deal to the dying human once they realize that they are not invincible as they thought and wanted to stay on Earth longer before their time is up. But at the same time, most human don’t want anything to do with the devil and its deals thanks to all of the horror films and books throughout time. Even if it is Halloween. But he could always find that one person who is ignorant enough to fall for his deals. There’s s
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My Immortal Life - One Piece - Chapter 54
“Here you go miss.” A woman with short black hair and sharp facial feature set a glass of her favorite drink in front of her.
“I didn’t order this.” Evolet replied looking up at her. She smiles and pointed to the man sitting at the end of the bar that came in moments ago.
“That man paid for your drink. He says that he knows you.” The bartender said as she lit up a cigarette. Letting the curiosity get the best of her, Evolet picked up her drink and sat next to him.
“So, you say that you know me?” Evolet asked as she sip her drink without looking at the guy whose face is covered by some dirty hooded cloak. She could see out of the corner of her eyes that he nodded and took a sip of his whiskey. She recognizes it by it smell. She would always smell it in his breathe….
“….Rayleigh?” She slowly said as she turns to face him. Evolet could see him smile as he removed the hood.
“Long time, no see huh? It’
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My Immortal Life - One Piece - Chapter 53
It has been six months after the war. The world was changing. The balance and peace have been shifted into a chaotic mess. Dragon was on his way back to his office after his mission. Once he stepped inside, he was greeted with the latest reports and news in his camp as well as the rest of the world. Then one soldier rush forward and handed Dragon a piece of paper.
“You says that this is your top priority if we ever find what you are looking for.” One of the soldier said as he was handing him the paper. Dragon grabbed it and opens the letter as he quickly read it. His expression change as he quickly turned around and head out the door.
“Have a boat ready as soon as possible,” Dragon says.
“What?! Vyou’re leaving already?! How many soldier do vyou need?” Ivankov asked as he watches Dragon walk out the door.
“Just one.”
“ONE?! Who is it vgoing to be?” he asked but Dragon was already out the room. He was heading down the hal
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My Immortal Life - One Piece - Chapter 52
“Ace…” Luffy shaken voice softly called out as he stares on in disbelief. Then the Admiral pull his fist away as the two of them stood there before Evolet collapse to her knees, clutching her chest. Ace was still standing as he coughed up some more blood.  
“Ace!” Luffy shouted as he struggles to his feet. Everyone stare on in shock before rushing over to their side. Buggy stared in disbelief as he struggles to speak. Tears were forming in his eyes as he finally chokes out what he wanted to say.
“Evolet!” Buggy shouted as he frozen in place. He wants to be right there for her but he could not get his feet to move. Everyone were firing at Akainu, trying to get him as far away from Ace and the other. So, they can get Ace the help that he need. But it was proved to be naught as Akainu walked out of the flames healing his missing arm from the blast as he walks toward the three in front of him.
“Seems there’s still some life left in
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My Immortal Life - One Piece - Chapter 51
Loud cracks can be heard as everyone on the Marineford is struggling to maintain their balance during Whitebeard great attack with his devil fruit power. The buildings were crumbling around as people scramble to be out of danger reach.
“Marineford is in danger!” One of the Marine shouted as he looks on in disbelief at the great power Whitebeard hold.
“Stop Whitebeard!”
“He really plans to destroy the whole island!”
Then the quakes stop as every Whitebeard crews and alliance stare on to their beloved father and captain.
“Old Man! I don’t want to leave you behind!”
“Let’s go back together!” His crew quiver out. Whitebeard then straighten up with broad shoulder as he glances over to them.
“Are you disobeying your captain’s orders?! Get going, you imbeciles!” He growled out.
“Whitebeard!” Tears were shed as no one could turn their feet around to retreat like he ordered.
“Now! Shoot W
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My Immortal Life - One Piece - Chapter 50
“F-Fire fist Ace…. Is free!” One of the pirate shouted as the roar cheers spread across the battlefield.
“Alright! You did it, Straw Hat! And you too Dragon woman!”
“You got Ace back!”
“It’s been one crazy thing after another since he came to Impel Down… He really is…”
“One hell of a guy!” Ivokv cried as tears stream down his face.
“Don’t get thrown back! Resume fire immediately! Aim for their trajectory!” One of the marine shouted as shots returned to the battlefield.
“Yes, sir!” The four of them frown at the sudden attention from down below.
“Stay sharp, Luffy!” Ace order.
“You too, Ace. And keep a level head this time!” Evolet shouted. Ace glance over to her and nodded before returning to the solider below.
“Let’s take ‘em all out!” Ace yelled out.
“Right!” Luffy replied.
“A-Are you crazy!?” Mr. Thre
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Christmas Special Day Twenty Five - ???
Finally, it was Christmas. All those time and effort and a little bit of spending and sneaking around have brought you this. You slowly pull in the driveway late at night as you quietly pull out the bags of gift. The others were aware of you were coming so they left the door unlock. You pull up your beard and place the hat on and threw the bag of gifts over your shoulder. You slowly sneak up to the door and turn the handle. Once you snuck inside, you crept softly as you could to the Christmas tree. But you halted your step as you see many figures sprawled all around the living room. The orphan children were all fast asleep, unaware that ‘Santa’ has arrived.
Now knowing these children, since you were the volunteer here, you knew that some of them are willing to set the trap for you. You tilt your neck till you heard a pop as you roll your shoulder. You scan the room for any wire or trap as you slowly step around the sleeping children. At last, you made it to the tree
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Christmas Special Day Twenty Four - Coby
(A/N! Sorry I totally forgot to post the last two chapter of my 25 days challenge. I don't think I'll ever do them again... at least I hope next time I come well prepared months ahead of time so I don't have to do one every single day. Anyway here is the last two chapter. I don't own anyone or anything. One piece and 'Matchgirl' belong to their original owner.)
You wonder down the street clutching the box of matches. You had an unsuccessful day as your stomach growled and your digits become increasingly numb by the cold. You clutch your thin shawl tighter to your body as you wince at the sudden gust of wind. You stumble around, looking for any sort of shelter from the harsh wind. Down the alley, you go until you reach a dead end. Three walls provide a bit of shelter from the wind but not entirely. You curled up in the corner on the ground, desperately trying to regain feeling and warmth of your fingers and toes. Mother nature continued her cruel torcher of the wind as you gasp and shud
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Ladybug vs Chat (Noir) Blanc page 54 by Ankyuubi Ladybug vs Chat (Noir) Blanc page 54 :iconankyuubi:Ankyuubi 50 11
Doodles ~ OC x Killer *OneShot*
     He smiles beneath his medical mask, watching the doodles appear over his arm. He could sit here and watch this for hours. He admired the brief illustrations, taking pictures before his soulmate washed them off.
        “Killer,” A voice makes him look back at the redhaired man in his doorway.
        “Yeah Kid?” He asks, but from the other’s rather tired expression, he already knew the response.
        “Lets go get some drinks.” Kid sighs. Killer frowns lightly but gets up, deciding to switch his medical mask with his white and blue striped drinking one.
       “Alright lets go.” He says, letting the redhead lead him out and to a bar down the block. They were regulars here, mostly because Kid was a very unlucky guy. They take seat at their usual corner table.
:iconpiratequeend:PirateQueenD 33 7
    Law x HalfMink!InHeat!Reader
     He could hear her growling but he couldn’t quite pinpoint her location. The air was damn and heavy as thick dark clouds rolled across the sky, distant flashes of lightening and the occasional clap of thunder caused the air around him to shudder with slight jolts of electricity. In the distance on one side of him he could see the wall of rain approaching, and on the other he could see the smoke and rising embers of the remnants of what he would soon learn was her home.
                He walked up the steep incline to a small little indent
:iconkirakux:Kirakux 30 13
Northern lights by Jeannette11 Northern lights :iconjeannette11:Jeannette11 109 46 Dragon Bookmarks by Blacklotuscomic Dragon Bookmarks :iconblacklotuscomic:Blacklotuscomic 2,508 160 dragon by GBrush dragon :icongbrush:GBrush 9,332 484
OP SMIH Pt 2: Shanks
    He gave you a goofy grin as he lead you down the pier. you gave him an exaggerated sigh as you followed behind him. He laughed, "Oh come on _____, your gonna have so much fun! Trust me" he said with a wide grin. You couldn't help smiling back. As you soon found out, there was no way to stay mad or even irritated at this man. "Oh shush and get us there" you grumbled at him. Shanks grin widened as he turned back to the fair rides in front of the two of you. When Shanks said he would show you a good time, this wasn't what you had in mind. He lead you thru the front entrance of the fair on the pier. The moment the big rides came into view Shanks began to act childlike. Jumping around like a child and giggling in excitement. Yup giggling, you weren't even aware that a man like Shanks could giggle. Quite frankly it made you want to laugh uncontrollably. "Oh! _____ let's go on this one first" he said pointing at the closest ride. "Ok, ok let me walk on my own" you grumbled
:iconbrittbratt1989:brittbratt1989 48 22
Toothbrush (Musician!Ace x reader) AU
You watched ASL’s energetic performance from the side of the stage with a wide smile on your face. You glanced over the entire stage before your eyes came to a stop on a freckled face. If possible you smiled wider and did a goofy little dance as you listened to the lyrics, Ace had written:
   Stuck in a limbo
   Half hypnotized
   Each time I let you stay the night, stay the night
   Up in the morning
   Tangled in sheets
   We play the moment on repeat
   When you're standing there in your underwear
   And my t-shirt from the night before
   With your messed up hair
   And your feet still bare
   Would you mind closing the bedroom door?

Suddenly he glanced over at the side of the stage, one of his eyebrows shot up into his dark hair as he caught you dancing and his face melted into a grin. He thought of all the moments you had spent together in the past year and
:iconyumexnoxkidou10:YumexNoxkidou10 32 3
Zoro x Reader Promise of the World

Inspiration song
(listening is optional)
     You knew he wouldn't be coming back.
    You knew it all too well and yet here you were still hoping for the day to arrive. You felt like such an idiot for holding onto these feelings but what could you do?
    You had just turned 25 in (birth month) this year marking the year of your dread and elation. The promise you held deep within your heart was something not a single soul knew about except for one and you cherished it with every fiber of your being. As the weeks passed and then the months you find yourself overwhelmed by doubt and fear crawling into your veins and setting fire to your blood. All you had on your mind now was your gentle memories that could provide your only escape from reality.
    The memories made you both happy and bitter as you wished over a
:iconcoffeeslime:CoffeeSlime 84 31
Possessive (Sabo x Reader)
You turned your head to see a familiar face under a top hat. You smiled and replied “Sabo.”
He grinned in his usual good natured fashion.
“I was looking for you, I have to gather some intel and track down someone. Wanna go on a mission with me?”
You gave him an affirmative answer before asking. “Who are we tracking down?”
“Trafalgar Law, the surgeon of death.”
You and Sabo had tracked Law to a relatively small island with a bustling market place. Walking next to the tall man you took in the various sights and smells of the area before spotting a recognizable dark haired man with a spotted hat. Eager to catch him before he got away you left Sabo’s side and took off to the other side of the street. Catching up with him was no easy feat in the crowd but soon you reached him and called,
“Trafal-” You got out before he spun around abruptly catching you by surprise. You stumbled backward and quickly grabbed
:iconyumexnoxkidou10:YumexNoxkidou10 75 9
Nothing alike(Portgas D Ace x WaterLogia!M!Reader)
You and Ace are very different.
You are a young man with a cold temper. You are calm and silent, and you tend to watch and listen rather than acting like a fool without a plan. You know how to keep a secret and despite your “cold” personality, people trust you and like you. You’re a good fighter, but you hate when a fight surprise you and force you to fight when you don’t want to. In other word, you enjoy your privacy and don’t act friendly with the ones who disturbed it.
Like Ace.
You don’t know if it’s because of the total opposite natures of your devil fruits, but you know that you had never met someone in your life that annoy you more than Ace.
Ace is just like his element: unpredictable and potentially dangerous when out of control. You believe that you two are nothing alike.
And you don’t know why, but he is almost obsessed by you!
The first time you met him, it was a little after he joined
:iconlaracaldin:LaraCaldin 57 11
Gone Supernova pt8~ Too Much Info

        You ate across from him, peering at his sword occasionally. He smiles a bit, glancing at you. "Are you curious about the way of the sword?" His golden eyes piercing into yours. You feel a shiver go through you, he made you weak at the knees.
        "Kind of, no one really uses swords on Earth anymore." You shrug. "I suppose they're just no good with them." You hum glancing down at your food. 
        "Or maybe they weren't trained properly." He says watching you. You shift, peering at him after feeling his gaze. 
        "True.... I would like to see what else you can do..." You admit. 
        "Then I'll take you with me." He decides with a smile. "I've been in need of a traveling companion, space gets lonely." You blink in surprise and smile with a light blush. 
         "That sounds nice." You mu
:iconpiratequeend:PirateQueenD 93 19
Trafalgar Law x Reader - A Dish Best Served...
    A nasty cough racks through you as you lounge uncomfortably in the submarine’s 'living room'. Currently, you were thrown across the couch with a tank top and a pair of shorts on in an attempt to free yourself of the sweltering heat that seemed to only affect you. “So hot….” You groan.
    “___-chan… are you alright? You look kind of pale--” Shachi starts, worriedly.
    “NOPE I’M TOTALLY FINE. SWELL. FANTASTIC. PERFECT. ABSOLUTELY PEACHY.” You suddenly interrupt him, falling off of the couch in an attempt to scurry across the room and silence your crewmate.
    “Are you sure?” Penguin asks, obviously not receiving the hint, “You really don’t look so--”
    You fling yourself onto him and cover his mouth desperately, “Please. Shut up.” You pull yourself away from him as you straighten your
:iconwolfwarrior01:WolfWarrior01 206 45
To One More Year [Daddy!Luffy x Mommy!Reader]
Set as a sort-of continuation to Promise. Same AU where Ace dies, Reader-chan gives birth to Ace's son, and Luffy is now the father of that child.
For Luffy's birthday (May 5 - Children's Day in Japan)! Happy Birthday, you rubber idiot!

::To One More Year::
The entire crew had been partying since the beginning of the day on the Thousand Sunny. Luffy was officially turning nineteen today, and everyone had outdone themselves in order to properly celebrate the day their faithful captain was born.
Streamers were hung about, balloons were tied practically everywhere, and there were tables set up where all the food had been previously been (especially the sake, whom Zoro and Nami had easily downed in a mere hour). Anywhere you looked, there was confetti and small banters of 'Happy Birthday Luffy' around the ship, and everyone was having fun with their day off.
What was more special on this day, however, was the fact that another member of the crew would be celebrating with them.
:iconcasey10rok:Casey10rok 117 30
Sabo x Reader: A Birthday Wish
“Happy Birthday…” you sarcastically whispered, “…to me.”
You stared apathetically at the candle burning on the small cake that Sabo had given you. You knew this day would come; the day that you’d finally turn eighteen and you weren’t exactly happy. It felt like the child in you had drowned in the dark conformity of this world especially since you were officially an adult. You wanted to stay young but you continued to get older which was an inevitable dilemma for you.
“I brought your gift,” Sabo exclaimed as he returned to the room with a small purple bag. His face fell when he looked at you. “You…you haven’t blown your candles yet?” He quickly walked up to you when you responded with a sigh, “Hey, what’s wrong?”
He set the gift on the table as he knelt beside you and you gave him puppy dog eyes. His heart melted and he grabbed your hand to kiss it multiple times which caused you to blu
:iconthequietg1rl:TheQuietG1rl 44 8
Possessive {Law x Reader One Shot}
Rambunctious.  Noisy.  Brash.  Rowdy.  Crazy.
These were the perfect words to describe you.  If you weren't crawling through the submarine's ducts, you were trying to fit in every space possible just to see if you could.  It was fun and challenging.  Everyone looked at you as if you were insane, but it was hard to keep yourself from doing such things since you were the only one on the whole crew who didn't have medical training.
Well, other then Bepo, but he at least had knitting.
You?  You were a bored weapons expert who had been picked up by the Heart Pirates during an incident on a island.  They had whisked you away because of your promising skills...and no one could prove that you had blown up the town hall.  There were many people those grenades could have come from.  
You had been apart of the crew for a good two years and despite the clash of personalities among some of the people on board, you had been accepted as a crew me
:iconjaq-rabbit:Jaq-Rabbit 319 41


12 deviations
The tavern was loud and merry as the red hair pirates were enjoying their feast. Rockstar down his cup before slamming it onto the table.

“Ah… that hit the spot.” He sigh as he look over at the door.

“I wonder how our old Capt’an is doing?”

“I’m sure our idiot captain is doing fine. He can be a real sweet talker to the ladies.” Yassop spoke beside him.

“I doubt that. Sure he’s a damn good sweet talker but we are talking about the one woman he’s truly love and admire. That fool is going to look like an idiot in front of her!” Lucky Roo spoke with his mouth full and took another bite of the turkey leg.

“Hahaha!  You’re right! I remember how he acted when Evolet came and surprise him on that island. Always trying to drink her under the table and throwing every cheesy pick up line there is.” Yassop agreed as he chug down his drink. Benn nodded with a smile.

The door slammed open and before anyone had time to react, a voice yelled from the top of his lungs.

“SHE SAID YES!” The red hair pirate crew stood there in silence, staring at the bare chest captain with his damp cloak and pant. Cheers quickly follow after as drinks were shove before Shank face.

“Congrat old man! Here’s a drink on me!”

“I can’t believe it!”

“So is she coming on board with us, Capt’n?”

“When the wedding?” Many of his crew bombarded their captain with many questions but Shanks just grabbed a cup to gulp it down before wiping his mouth. At first he was mighty proud with a biggest smile he ever bore. Then he slowly frown as a realization hit him.

“She said yes…” He muttered.

“Uh… that’s what you told us.” Rockwell said as he watch his captain slowly slump down to his chair.

“We are doing this…. Tomorrow… Our first date… I didn’t think I get this far… What am I going to do!?!” Shank said in a state of panic as he starts pacing the room with his crew observed him with a knowing smile.

“I told her we’ll go on a date tomorrow but I don’t have any plans! I need this date to be special. Different from all the rest! Oh my god! What am I going to do?!” Shank grabbed a handful of hair before Benn stopped his overrated pacing by placing his hand on Shank shoulder.

“Stop freaking out, Shanks. We’ll help you out.” Benn muttered with a small smile.

“Really?” Shanks asked as he look around the room of his smiling crew member as they all nod their heads.

“Man you guys are the best crew ever!” Shanks cheered as they sat him down at the table.

“Ok so first thing first, we need to get Shanks into a nice suit and have him go to Evolet place with a huge bouquet of her favorite flower…” Yasopp started before he was interrupted.

“No, no, no… too formal. We got to get Shanks to the bath house and give him a scrub down and some clean clothes as well as a makeover… Shank would turn into a completely different man!” Benn said with a small smirk at the end.

“Evolet wouldn’t want that. We should get some fancy restaurant all to themselves with a bunch of yummy food and drinks and have them go out stargazing. Better yet! Have the dinner outside with tons of candles! Women love candles.” Lucky Roo chimed in as he waves his turkey leg around.

“It sounds like a great idea you guys but....” Shanks sigh as he place his head under his palm.

“Evolet is not just any other woman I’ve been with. She is one of a kind. She is fun. She’s kind. She has an adorable laugh and beautiful smile. She is dangerous and a badass chick. She has her own charm and she always see things differently. Her beautiful dark hair and deep brown eyes. The way she walk and after all those years… She still smell like lavenders.” Shanks smile as he let out a long sigh just thinking of her. The crew all look at each other and smile, knowingly.

“Look like our captain got it really bad.” Lucky Roo chuckled as the other nodded their head in agreement.

“Tell us what she like and we’ll help you out as best as we can.” Yassop said as he place his hand on his arm.

“But I think I would be the best man for the job. I know a lot about romance and I did manage to woo a beautiful woman to be my wife.” Yassop boasted.

“Yeah, yeah, yeah… We all know about that. Come on we have less than twenty hours to plan this date!” Rockstar commanded as the crew all huddle together to plan this amazing, romantic, one of the kind date.

Evolet blink slowly as the rising sun peak through the window. She yawned and stretch before sitting up. She look over to the couch to see that Shanks no longer there. But a messy attempts to folded up blanket lay at the end of the couch. She quickly scan around the room to see him gone.

“Must be getting ready for the date.” Evolet mutter with a smile.

“I guess I should get ready as well.” She said as she hopped out of bed and head to the closet. She open the door as some of the moths flew out of it. Evolet sweat drop at this as she closed the door to the empty closet.

“Right… No clothes. I think I can go to the village and find something nice to wear.” She spoke as she grabbed a small bag full of money and was about to head out the door when there was a knock.

“Shanks? Is it that time already?” Evolet thought out loud as she opened the door. She was surprised to see a small group of woman with a large smile spread across their face. Before Evolet could ask, they all push themselves inside and push her to the bathroom.

“H-Hey! What’s the big idea?!” Evolet shouted over her shoulder to the women that is pushing her in.

“Shanks told us to help you get ready for the date today.” The young blonde girl said with a big smile. She place her hands to her cheeks and sort of squeal of delight.

“It’s so sweet and romantic of him to do that.” Another woman commented while the other nodded.

“Doing what? He’s not going over the top is he- who am I kidding, of course he would.” Evolet muttered as they strip her down and get her in the tub once it was full. They scrubbed her down with much of Evolet protest saying she can bathe on her own.

“There’s no time if we ever want to get you ready in time!” The blonde girl said as Evolet stepped out of the tub and was immediately rubbed dry with a towel.

“Now closed your eyes and no peaking!” The girl said. Giving up, Evolet comply to their wishes as they help her get dress and started working on her hair and make-up. Finally they pulled her up and held up a mirror that was hanging in the closet.

“Open your eyes, Miss Evolet.” One woman said. Slowly she opened them as glace up to a brown hair woman in front of her. She blinked a few time before realizing that she was staring at her own reflection. She was wearing soft sandy sandals with her flowy blue empire dress. There were some flowers loosely braided in with her dark brown hair.…

“Wow,” Evolet gasped as she raised her hand to her face. “I can’t believe that’s really… me.” All the women in the room smile with pride of their completed work. Then there was knocking at the door.

“He’s here!” The young girl cried with delight as she started to push Evolet toward the door before running back to the group. Evolet open the door to see Shanks nervously combed his hair with his fingers, trying to keep his hair in place. He sees Evolet and just froze. He could see sparkles and flower petals swirling around her. She was drop dead beautiful.

“Uh… Shanks?” Evolet quietly asked with a soft smile planted on her rosy lips. Shanks was still staring at her before a pebble was knocked to his head. Shanks jolted out of his thought as he looks toward to the pebble was thrown. Yassop and Rockstar was mouthing the word ‘Give Evolet the flower’ while making gestor with their arms. Shanks jump out of his thought and grabbed the bouquets of flower that was tucked under his stub arm when he was trying to fix his hair.

“H-H-Hi EvoLET!” Shanks squeaks before pausing to clear his voice.

“I-I mean good evening, My Lady. I have brought you some flowers for you.” Shanks spoke with great poster and a charming smile as he handed her the bundle of roses.

“Oh, thanks you. I’ll put them in water. Be right back.” Evolet said as she smells the freshly cut roses.

“We can do that. Just go on your date now. Have fun!” The young girl grabbed the bundle of roses before shooing Evolet out of the house and slam the door behind her. Evolet look down to see Shanks was dressed up in a suit. His ties are tuck tight around his neck with his black suit jacket all button up. He looks sharp, clean and poise. Shank offer her his arm as Evolet gladly accept and they started walking toward the village.

“You look very handsome Shanks. Have you always had that suit?” Evolet asked as she peer up at him, catching him in the act of staring at her. Shanks quickly turn away, hopping she wouldn’t see his growing blush.

“Uh, n-no I’ve borrowed it for the night. I just wanted to make tonight special.” Shank force out a chuckled and continued walking. Evolet frowned a bit but said nothing.

“Complement her!” A harsh whisper coming from the bushes behind them made Evolet look back. She softly rolled her eyes at them.

‘Of course, his crew would be involved. Shank must be really nervous to allow them to shadow us.’ Evolet chuckled as Shanks straighten up again and turned to her.

“You loOK VERY PRETTY!” Shank Yelled at the end and then he went red again.

“S-sorry, I didn’t mean to yell. I panic a bit.” Shanks apologies while looking away. If he had his other arm, he would be slapping himself with it. Evolet smile as she squeezed his arm mean fully as Shank look back at her.

“Thank you, Shanks.” She beamed up at him. Shanks usual goofy smile returned as they continued walked with Shanks crew carefully following them.

 Shank lead her to the fancy restaurant in town with candles display all around the grounds.

“Wow.” Evolet awed at the flickering lights that softly glow their way to the building.

“Table for two.” Shank said with a polish tone.

“Name?” The middle age waiter said with a slight bore tone.

“Shanks.” Then the two of them saw the waiter eyes widen as he straightens up when he heard the name.

“R-Right, sir! My apologies! We were expecting you. Follow me.” The waiter lead them through the building to a small private garden. Rose hedges surround the garden and fences overlooking the ocean as the sun were barely visible. More candles were flickering around the area as some were on the ground while other were hanging. A set table is beckoning them over in the center of the garden. Shank rush over to pull out a chair for Evolet. She smiles as she sat down and let Shank push her in before sitting down across from her.

“May I interest either of you with some wine?” The waiter asked them.

“Yes. The finest wine you got!” Shank ordered. The waiter nodded as he stepped away.

“Wow, Shanks. You really outdid yourself here.”

“Yeah, I sure did!” Shank chuckled nervously as he watched from the corner of his eyes to his crew mates for some help. Lucky Roo stood up a bit and pointed to his meat.

‘Talk about food!’ He mouthed. Shanks nodded and look at the menu. He tries to read them but they were too many fancy words he didn’t know what he was even looking at. He glances up at Evolet who seem to know what the hell that is on the menu. He started fiddling with his tie a bit before another pebble hit him on the head.

‘Stop fiddling with the tie and talk. To. HER!’ Yassop gestured as he pointed to Evolet. She then looks up and the crew hid just as she glances over to the spot.

“Beautiful night we are having.” Shank nervously spoke out.

“Yes. It is a wonderful night.” Evolet agreed.

“You – uh, did I ever told you how beautiful you are tonight?” Shanks asked.

“Yes, shortly after I said you looked very handsome in your suit.” She smiles. Shank panic as he nervously went for his tie again, trying to let out some hot air that is building inside his shirt. Again, a pebble hit his head. He turned angrily at his crew before the waiter came over with a bottle of wine. He pours some in there for them as Shank take some generously.

“Ah… this is some good wine.” Shank forced out. Truthfully, he didn’t like it all that much. But he forced a smile as Evolet took a sip and smile politely.

“Yes, this is good.”

“Are you two ready to order?”

“Yes, I would love to have… um… this one!” Shank pointed at the random order as the waiter nodded and scribble it down. Evolet ordered hers and then the waiter left. A moment later, awkward silence followed.

“So… um…” Shank try to think of something to say but nothing was coming out. A familiar tune they know so well filled the silence. They look over to see one of Shank crew all dressed up and playing the violin. Then they heard Yasopp harshly whisper to the violinist.

“Why are you playing the Bin Sake song?! Play something romantic!” Yasopp growled out.

“It’s the only song I know!” The violinist answered back. Yasopp got out of the bushed to dragged him away. Evolet and Shank watch the scene before them as they return their focus at each other. Shank was mentally making a note that he is going to kill them later.

“So… anything new with you?” Shanks asked who is desperately trying to fill the silence.

“Um… not really. Just wandering around aimlessly, hoping to run into Luffy again.”

“Ah… how is that kid doing?” Shanks asked. Evolet chuckled as she leans over to him.

“Not much has changed about him to be honest. He is still pure of heart and telling everyone that his is going to be the next pirate king. He been wanting to see you for a long time.” Evolet explained.

“Ha-ha! He’s still on that?” Shank laugh as he imagines Luffy running up to people and shouting to them about him being the next pirate king.

“Yeah. He’s a goofy kid but I was surprise when I saw him before he left to the New World.”

“Oh?” Shanks asked as he lean in as well. Evolet smile lower as she leans back a bit, looking down at her glass of wine.

“Two years after Ace’s died, I happened to see Luffy while I was with Rayleigh. After losing his brother like that… his smiles seem to be a bit bigger than before. I-I wasn’t sure if it because he saw me after all those years apart or he seem to regain his dream again. Someone so young as him… continuing to go on after that tragic loss…” Evolet stopped talking as she notices a droplet fell into the wine glass. She reaches up to see her cheek were wet and quickly wiped them away.

“Sorry.” She quickly says but Shanks reach out and cupped her face with his hand and gently wiped away her tears.

“It’s fine. I understand.” Shank reassured her. She smiled as she places her hand over his.

“Sometimes, I get a bit jealous of him.”

“Who? Luffy?” Shanks asked with a hint of surprised.

“Hehe, yeah. But he’s a bit younger than me so he didn’t get the chance to experience much of life grief. But in two years, he has gotten so much stronger and braver. He was moving forward a lot faster than I was since I was cursed.” Evolet explained as she looked away. Shanks moved his hand under her chin and force her to look at him.

“Luffy would have never gotten his far without you cheering him on. You are an amazing woman and Luffy is lucky to spend his childhood growing up with you.” Shank spoke with great seriousness in his voice. The two of them could hear one of the crew ‘awed’ at them follow by a harsh shushing noise. The two of them pull away from each other. Before Evolet could say anything, the waiter brought the food over.

“Thank goodness! I’m completely starved!” Shanks cheered as he grabbed is fork, ready to dig in. When the lids were lifted to reveal his meal. Shank deflated at the poor sight he was seeing. Sitting in the middle of his large plate was a nugget of meat with some cook carrots and sauce sprinkle over. He could finish his whole plate in one bite. He glances over to Evolet plate to see she has suffered similar fates.

“Uh… excuse me sir? I don’t think you guys finish setting our plates.” The waiter paused as he quickly did a double take on each of the plates.

“No, sir. Your order is complete. Is there anything else you need?”

“Uh… No thank, we’re good.” Shank force out as he turns to his plate, frowning at the sad sight.

‘I paid a pretty penny for this meal and it look like leftover scraps.’ Shank sourly thought at his plate. He glances up to see Evolet worry frown.

“Shank- “

“Looks DELIOUS! Let’s EATS!” Shank announce as he digs in. Evolet watch as he struggles to cut his small piece of meat that he is shaking the table.

“Hey, want me to help you with that?”

“No, I’m fine!”

“Here, let me hel- “Evolet spoke as she reaches over the table to help Shanks but he pushes her hand away. She accidently knocked over the tall candle onto the table which quickly caught on fire.

“Oh NO!” Evolet gasped. Shanks grabbed his wine and dumped it onto the fire but it burst even higher. Evolet tries to blow it out but a breath of fire came out which made it bigger.

“You can breathe fire?!” Shank stood in shocked as he stood up, fanning the fire down.

“Eh… It’s kind of new thing I do now.” Evolet sheeply said as she scratched her head.  Before he yells for help, something dripped on his head. He looks up just in time for the other drip on his cheek. A clap of thunder echo throughout the night as a heavy shower quickly pour on them.

Evolet shriek at the sudden cold. The fire on the table has finally cease as Shank stood there in humiliation. His hair fell over his face as he didn’t know what to do now. He looks up to tell Evolet that their first date is over but stopped at the sight of her. She was smiling. Laughing even. Twirling around in the rain as she looks up to the sky. It was like she was dancing with the rain. She stopped dancing as she looks over to Shanks. She slowly walked up to him with a sly smile on her face. She stopped toe to toe with him as she snakes her hand up his shirt, stopping at the tie. She unties them and tore it off him. She unbuttons from the top and stopped mid-way.

“E-Evolet?” Shank spoke as knots were forming in his stomach and his heart were racing. She looks up to him with his warm, summer earthly glow of her eyes. Smile never leave her perfect lips as she reaches her hand up to his face. A sudden poke on his nose jolt him out of trance as she ran away from him.

“Tag! You’re it!” Evolet giggled.

“OI! You can’t just do that to me and- “

“Blah, blah, BLAH! All talk and no action!”

“You are SO going to regret that!” Shank growled out of his parted smile as he started chasing her out of the restaurant… the garden and soon they were entering the forest.

“Oh yeah? Then come and get me!” She giggled as she leads him deeper in the forest. The rain as started to lighten up as the two of them came to a clearing. Shank reach out and tripped over a root, sending them both tumbling down a hill. Once they stopped at the bottom, they both started laughing. Evolet sat up and look at Shank.

“There you are!” Evolet said with a poke on his nose.

“Huh?” Shank sat up as he looks at her questionably.

“I couldn’t find Shanks all night! I thought you set me up with your boring twin brother at the dinner table.” Evolet stated to him. Shank pause before letting out a short chuckle.

“Yeah… I guess I haven’t been myself. Turning myself into someone I’m not.” Shank said as he combed his mud filled hair back.

“Look like you are not going to get your money back for that suit.” She stated. Shank look down to see his suit is indeed ruined. All muddy, cut and torn. He looks over to Evolet and chuckled.

“I could say about your dress as well.” Evolet look down at herself and see her dress is all muddy as well. Her hair clumps with water, mud and some trigs sticking out. The flowers that were gently place in her hair earlier were either gone or were missing their petals. Strands of her hand clings to her face as Shank reach up and brushed off to the side. She leans her head against his large hand as she places her hand over his. Then she pulled him up as she smiles up to him.

“Dance with me.”

“But… there’s no music.” Shank stated as Evolet place his hand to her waist and she place her hand to his shoulder and the other to his empty sleeve to raise up as they were holding hands.

“But we do. Listen to the crickets stringing their music as the toad sings along. And our heart is our percussion.” She stated as she started swaying to nature music. Shank smile as he pulled her close as he slid his hand to her head and gentle force her to his chest.

“Then listen to my song beating so loudly from my chest.” Shank mumbled out. Evolet smile as they gently sway side to side. Each closing their eyes, enjoying this moment. Evolet slowly open her eyes to see the fireflies flying around them.

“Shank! LOOK! Aren’t they beautiful?” Evolet gasped. But Shank pay no mind to them. All his was focusing on is her. And only her. He still couldn’t believe that he is here with her. He is praying with all his might that this is not one of his many dreams he had with her.

“Yeah… beautiful.” Shank slowly said, watching her every expression and moment.

“Oh! Look! There is a small lake.” Evolet pointed out which neither of them knew until the full moonlight shine through the dark clouds, revealing the lake.

“Come on! Let’s go for a swim.” Evolet stated as she pulled him down with him. There was a deck as Evolet let go of Shanks and run down the deck. She jumps off at the end, submerging down to the dark water before popping up for air.

“Come on in Shanks! The water is perfect!” Evolet beckons him. Shanks chuckled as he drops his jacket and took off his shoe before jumping in.

“Cannon ball!” Shanks shouted as a huge splash of water spray everyone. Evolet squeal in delight as she waits for Shank to resurface. But it seems like he is taking a while now. Evolet smile quickly drop as she was ready to dive in to save him but she felt a hand grabbed onto her and pull her down. She looks around the dark water and faintly see Shank struggling not to laugh underwater as the two of them swim up to the surface.

“Shank! Don’t do that! You scared me!” Evolet playfully smack him as he bellows out a laugh.

“Sorry! Sorry! I promise I wouldn’t do that again.” He promised.

“You better!” Evolet said as she splashed him.

“Oh, you wanna go there, missy?” Shank said as he splashed her back. The two of them continued to swim around and play around the water before Shanks grabbed her hand mid splash and pulled her close. The two of them stare at each other for what seem like forever. Shank slowly lean down to Evolet face as their forehead were touching.

“Evolet…Please don’t let me wake up if this is all just a dream.” Shank whispered with a hint of pain at the end.

“Shank, I can assure you this is not a dream.” Evolet said as they wrap themselves closer. Then she reaches up and pinched his cheek.


“See? Not a dream. I’m right here, in front of you. In your arm and about to kiss you. Right now.” Evolet softly said as she inches closer to his lips before kissing him. Shank eyes widen before quickly melted into her lips. It was soft as he had always imaging them to be. He gently holds her face to melt even more into the kiss. It was gentle and slow which he did not expect. After chasing after her for years, he expected him to turn into this hot and passionate kiss but this was so much better. Better than all the dreams he had all those year the moment he knew that he was in love with this woman.

Evolet broke the kiss as she gently swims to the shore line, pulling him with her. They didn’t spoke when they got of the lake. Nor did they do when they walked through the forest all the way up to her cottage. Or when they strip of their wet cloth that lay carelessly on the floor as they continued where they left off, tangled up in the bed.
Shanks crew were all standing around watching their captain dancing around the ship since they had left the island. The sound of glee as a wide grinned plaster on his face as he keeps whatever it was in his fist close to his chest.

“So… Is anyone going to even ask?” One of them ask as they rubbed their head as an oncoming headache was forming. Then Yasopp let out a long sigh as he makes his way toward the goofy captain.

“Uh… cap’n?” The red hair man stop for a moment to peer over to his crew mate.

“What, uh, got you so happy since this morning?” Yasopp saw his captain grin grew as he showed him the small vile in his hand.

“I have found it! After years of chasing down that damn bird I have finally found it! Now Evolet and I can truly be together now that I manage to break her curse!”

“Evolet… Curse… What?” One of them uttered out as Benn carefully explain it to them.

“Evolet is Shank long time crush and she has been curse of Immortality so she’ll never age or be killed by anything nor anyone.”

“Until now! Once Evolet drink this, she’ll be human again and we can sail the world together and then settle down and raise a family! We’ll have little Shanks running around… or maybe not. Whatever would make Evolet happy, I will do it! Now men! Follow this vinre card and we’ll party till we get there! And make sure you bring up your best sake! This cause for a celebration!” Shank announce. Shanks crew cheered as they rush down and bring up the best barrel of sake they could bring and drink up. He then continues daydreaming his life with Evolet as he pulls some of his crew in for a dance to celebrate his finding. But that came to a screeching halt when Benn thought of something out loud.

“But what if Evolet disappear? I mean, she has been around for a long time so if she drinks the potion, will she’ll just age really fast and turned to dust or something?” After he said that, all the cheeriness went sour as Shank sat in the corner, depress.

“You’re right, what if she turned to dust. Giving her the vile would mean that I’m giving her a death sentence. I don’t think I would be able to handle that. Have the woman of my life just… disappear in front of me.” Shanks sulks as the rest of the crew member turned to glare at Benn. Benn got the message from them.

‘Way to kill the party mood.’

‘We were about to drink to be merry and now he’s drinking everything to himself, thanks to you.’

‘Now our captain is going to drink my best sake just to drown his sorrow, you idiot!’ As well as other silence insults shooting his way. Benn let out a long sigh as he knew he is going to have to fix this.

“So, uh, Cap’n. Are we still following her Vivre card or are we going to the next island?” Lucky Roo asked as he took a bite of meat that was in his hand.

“What’s the point… Evolet and I would never be together…” Shank mumbled as he drew circle on the floor.

“Captain…” Yasopp sigh as he shook his head. He then walked over to him and place his hand on his shoulder.

“Benn could be wrong. But if he is right then you shouldn’t give up now. You can still confess to Evolet and if she returns the feeling, then you can hold on to the cure until your time is up and then she can take it and join you. Just imagine you and Evolet…together while you grow old and she’s still looking young. She’ll be forever young and everyone in that village is going to admire an old man like you, marrying a smoking hot babe like her!” Yassop explained as he wrapped his arm around Shank and pan his other hand to the horizon as if he was painting a picture of his captain future. A smile creep on the red hair face as he suddenly jumped up with fire in his eyes.

“You’re right! There is still a chance for me! Come on men! Let’s drink and be merry!” Shank proclaimed as the rest of the crew cheered.

Evolet has arrive on summer island with yet another broken ship. Sailing over the grand line has never been smooth sailing for her. She had left shortly after seeing Luffy take off to the New World. She would go after him but she figured he’s going to be ok for now. She docks her ship and hopped onto the deck before her small ship sank below the blue sea. She looked back and sigh as she heads into town.

“Excused me, but do you know where I could find a shipwright?” Evolet asked one of the passerby.

“Eh… I think you’ll find Hecker over at that bar over there.” The man said as he points to the building.

“Thanks.” Evolet said as she strolls over to the door. She pushed it open as she quickly ducks from a flying glass as the two men were arguing.

“What do you mean I’m cut off!?” The plump man slurs as he pulls the bartender by the collar closer to his face.

“You still owe me money for two weeks of your blasted drinking, Hecker!” The bartender growled. Hecker frown as he clenches his fist and raised it up, ready to punch when a huge bag slide between them.

“I’m sure that would cover his debts” Evolet spoke as she sat down next to them. The two of them pause before the peeked inside the bag. They gasped at the riches that was inside as the bartender quickly closed it up and held it close to him.

“That will covers it, thank you!” He smiles as Hecker frown at him. Then he turned to the woman, eyeing her figure.

“You’re not from around here… are ya?” Hecker hiccupped as Evolet smile.

“Just arrived moments ago. I was told I would find you here.” She spoke calmly as Hecker blinks slowly and grabbed his mugs.

“What do you want, missy.” He grumbled.

“I need a new boat. Lost mine during the storm of the Grand Line. Do you have any available?” She turned to face him as Hecker was struggling to keep his eyes open.

“I’m gonna have to build a new boat for ya… Gonna be… pricey.” Hecker sway as he gulped down his beer. He wipes his mouth to see another bag in front of him. He opens them up and quickly became sober on the spot.

“That’s just a down payment. You can get the rest once my boat is finish.”

“Yes ma’am! I’m going to get started right away!” Hecker shouted as he zoomed out of the bar.

“I’ve never seen that drunk bastard get so motivated so quickly. I’m sure he should finish your boat in about three to five days.” The bartender says as he picks up Hecker mug and started cleaning it.

“That fast?” Evolet asked as she ordered a drink from him.

“He’s the best shipwright and the fastest in this whole island. But he doesn’t get a whole lot of business so he hangs out around here… a lot.”

“Ah…” Evolet nodded in understanding as she took a gulp of her drink in one swing.

“Do you know a place I can stay a few nights?” Evolet asked as she set the glass down.

“Eh… you can stay up in my old house on the hill. It’s a bit dusty but everything should still be in tack. I’ll give you some clean bed sheet to throw on the bed.” He suggested.

“I’ll take it.” Evolet smile. The bartender went to the end of the bar, push aside a few bottles before reaching in the back. He pulled out a large key and push the bottles back to it place.

“Here’s the key to my house and I’ll come by later to give you some clean sheets. It’s still early to close the bar down.”

“It’s fine, thanks. I’ll go there now and unload.” The bartender nodded as he told her the direction to his cabin. It was outside of town and the cabin should be next to the old oak tree with a swing out in front.

Evolet arrived and quickly clean up the small cabin with has the kitchen, living room and bedroom all in one room, leaving the bathroom for privacy. By nightfall, she just finishing up cleaning when she heard a knock on the door.

“It’s me, I’ve brought some clean bedsheets and blankets.” She heard a man said on the other side of the door before she opened it.

“Thank you.” Evolet said as she grabbed the bag from him.

“Oh, and my wife wanted me to bring you some food. She didn’t see you at the market and thought you might be hungry.” He said as he gives her the basket of food.

“Tell her I said thanks for the food. Good night sir.”

“Good night miss.” And Evolet closed the door. She set the basket of food on the table and quickly made her bed. She peaks into the basket to see a jar of jam, half of loaf of bread, some fruit and some tea. Evolet smile as she prepared herself some tea. Evolet could hear the soft platter of rain onto the rooftop as the whistle of the tea kettle shook her out of her gazed from the window. She pours her hot drink and return to the window. The rain was pouring harder now. Then flashes of lighting filled the sky as it lights up the small village below.

As it happened many time before, her mind start to wonder. She wonders about her two boys and how they were doing in this world. She wonders if she would find the devil fruit that Ace’s once had and who would she give it too. Most likely to Sabo since Luffy already ate a devil fruit. Then she started to think about her old friends. About Rayleigh… Buggy… Shanks... How she missed them so.

She took a sip of her tea when there was a pounding at the door. Evolet when on guard as she set the tea down and grabbed her pistol.

“Who’s there?” Evolet called out. Either the person didn’t hear her or choose not to identify themselves, the pounding on the door continued. Evolet press herself on the wall next to the door as she watched the door handle jiggled. Then it slowly opened as a tall figured stepped inside. A flashed of lighting lit up the room, blinding them both but Evolet quickly recovered as she pounces onto the man back.

“Who are you?!” Evolet demanded as she grabbed a fist full of hair and lifted his face up with her pistol near his face. Evolet freezes when she recognizes the red hair and that stupid grin.

“H-Hey Evolet…It’s me, Shanks!” Evolet gasped as she quickly got off him and pull him up.

“I’m so sorry! I thought you were someone else!”

“It’s fine, don’t worry! Been a while since I’ve been pin down… although I prefer it to be somewhere soft like in the bed or something.” Shanks smirked as Evolet frown.

“As if an old man like you still have the energy to keep up with a woman like me.” Evolet turned away with a faint smirk on her face. Shank pouted at that before placing his hand to his chin with a smirk.

“Why don’t we find out? You do have a bed over there.” Shank hinted as he wiggles his brows. Evolet reach into the basket and grabbed the first thing her hand grabbed onto before chucking it at Shanks.

“Pervert…” Evolet muttered as Shank grabbed the apple that was rolling at the ground next to him.

“Come on! I was just kidding! Hey! My crew are hanging out at the bar in the village. Come join us!”

“I don’t know… It’s raining really bad out there and we’ll be soak to the bone before we’ll get there and you will catch a cold.”

“Yeah… My clothes are pretty soak right now.” Shanks laugh. Evolet frown as she walked to the bathroom to start a bath.

“The tub is a bit small but use it to warm yourself up. Towel is nearby and I believe I saw some pants that would fit you. But we need to get you out of that wet clothes.” Evolet said as she steps out of the bathroom.

“Great idea! Wanna help me strip?” Shank asked.

“Shanks! Seriously?!” Evolet growled as Shank raised up is arm.

“No really! I have a hard time getting in and out of my clothes with my one arm.” Shank explained. Evolet frown at that before looking away from his stubbed.

“I’m sorry. I forgotten that you lose an arm to save Luffy. Did- Did I’ve ever thank you for that?” Evolet asked as she walked up to him and help him take his cloak off.

“I don’t believe you have. But Ace did when he-“ The two of them froze at the name.

“I-I’m sorry… I shouldn’t-“

“It’s ok. It’s nice to know that you got the chance to meet Ace before…” the two of you pause again before Shank grabbed you hand and look at with a smile.

“He was a good kid. He greatly admired you. All he ever talks about is the times he spent with you and Luffy. I was getting a bit jealous of the lad.” Shank spoke with a soft chuckled at the end. You hang his cloak and shirt over the chair and lead him to the tub. You turned off the water as you turn to face him. Shank could see a faint blush dance across her cheeks.

“Uh… I’m going to unbutton your pant and you can pull them off yourself. Then hand me the pant from the other side of the door.” Evolet explained. Shank wouldn’t stop smirking as he tilts his hip forward toward her.

“Sound good. But no peaking! I prefer to go commando. One less clothes to washed.” Shank explained with a small laughter.

“Shanks! Stop it!” Evolet smack him across his chest.

“Oh? Have I been a naughty boy? Do I need to get spank?” Shank teased.

“Real mature of you Shanks. And besides…” Evolet smirked as she quickly unbuttons his pant and step outside the bathroom, closing the door behind her.

“I prefer to bite your ass than to spank it.” Evolet smoothly said as she held back a chuckled. Shank face made and ‘O’ face as his cheeks were burning. Then he notices his little friend getting a bit too excited from her comment.

‘Damn that woman!’ Shanks cursed as he quickly pulled down his pant and gave them to Evolet on the other side of the door. He sinks into the warm tub as he looks down at his member, still standing attention.

“That woman is going to be the death of me.” He groaned.

An hour later, Shank got out and wrapped himself in a towel around his waist. He looks around the small cabin to find her in bed with a book in her hand. She slowly turns the pages and without looking up she spoke.

“You been in there for a long time. I was getting a bit concern for you.”

“Well I thought you might be joining me so I stuck around.” Shanks answer as he leans on the doorway.

“I found some dry pant for you. They are on the table.” Evolet answer. Shank walked over to the table but his towel slip from his waist.

“Oops! My towel slipped.” Shank chuckled. He looks over his shoulder to see if Evolet took a peak. Sadly, he did not see that as she continued reading the book. He sighs as he starts to put on the pant. Evolet lifted her gaze to see a nice pair of cheeks struggling to get the rim of the pant over as he wiggles his hips around before jumping up and down to get it up his waistline. He struggled with the button before looking over to Evolet.

“A little help here…” Shanks asked. Evolet sigh as she closed the book and push away the sheets. Shanks tries not to show his joy to see Evolet wearing a long shirt that stop near the mid of her thighs. He wonders if she goes commando as well. Evolet never lose his gazes as she glides up to him and look up to his face. She smiles as she buttons up his pant and went to step back but Shank wrap his arm around her waist and held her in place. They stare at each other intently before Shanks sputtered out a request.

“Go on a date with me!”

“W-What?” Evolet brows furrows as Shanks tries to straighten up.

“W-Would you go on a date with me tomorrow? Just the two of us. No crew member. No partying or booze or-“

“Hold it right there! You are giving up booze and party? That’s like your two favorite things in the world!” Evolet gasped at him. Shanks paused before he let out a laughter.

“I guess that’s a little extreme for me. But I want our first date to be memorable. Something different from all the times we been together. And it’s going to be special. I promise. Just please… go out with me.” Shank spoke with great determination but Evolet could see the vulnerable side of him. She let out a sigh before smiling up to him.

“I’ll be looking forward to it.” Shank smile quickly drop as he stares down at her.

“You serious?”


“No jokes?”

“Not this time.” Evolet chuckled. Then the noised that came out of Shanks mouth was not human. He let out a squeal of joy as he picks her up and swirl her around.

“Oh, my god! It’s happening! Wait right here! I’ll be right back!” Shank said as he grabbed his damp cloak and run outside.

“Shank!” Evolet called out but she sees that it is no longer raining. A near full moon peek through the clouds showing the outline of Shanks jumping with joy as he rushes down to the village. Evolet rolled her eyes as she closed the door, leaving it unlock in case he decided to return. With a yawn, she crawled herself into bed and cover herself with the blanket. She looks up to the window near her bed at the moon once more. She frowns as she turns away and bury herself into the pillow and covers.

‘Is this a good idea…It would make Shank really happy but it won’t last forever. Nothing does… especially when it comes to love. I’ll try to make it once of the best day of his life before I’ll drop the news to him. Or maybe I shouldn’t go on the date to spare us both from the pain. Damn it! I hate it when this happened. I never know what to do with this situation.’ Evolet toss and turn through most of the night before someone came in.

He crawled into bed with her as he wrapped his arm around her waist. She recognizes immediately that it was Shank and she decide that she would continue pretending to be sleeping. She could feel his gaze on her as he leans over and gently kiss her on the top of her head.  Shank mumbled something but Evolet couldn’t catch it as Shanks gently crawled out of bed. Evolet peek through her closed eye lid to see Shank walked over to the couch and crashed there. She could hear him snoring as she slowly got up. She grabbed one of the blanket and gently cover him up. She smiles at Shank grinned as he continued to snore away. That when she decided on what to do.

“I’m looking forward to spend time with you tomorrow. And no matter what happen, it will be a wonderful time since I’ll be spending it with you.”
Just giving you guys a head up but there is a bit of nakey and a bit of 'bedroom' talk but nothing too deep....( I walked myself into that one -_-') But just letting you know that in the begining and I did intended to write this as a female POV but it's seem to work better as a male and this is my first so bear with me. Thanks


“Island ahead!” One of the crew shouted as you quickly run to the front of the ship to get a look at it.

“OOH! A snow island! I’ve never been to one of those! And it’s so white! Shank! Shank! Can we go and dock for a bit! I want to play in the snow!” you shouted with glee as you bounce around Shank. He smile as he let out a laugh.

“Of course! Anything for you! You guys heard him! Let’s go to the island!” Shank ordered as the crew groaned a bit since they knew it was going to be cold but they all have a ghost of a smile. Since you joined the crew, they notice that the Captain has taken a shine on you. They haven’t seen that smile on their captain face since they met Luffy.

The island was in sight as well as a small village. You rubbed your arms together from the chill of the winter air.

“Wow, I didn’t think it would be this cold.” You muttered as you hunch your shoulder up to your ears against the bitter wind. Then something warm wrapped around you as you look on your shoulder before looking behind you.

“You can wear one of my old coats. Hat and mittens should still be in the pockets.” The red head explained. You beamed up at him as you quickly zip up the coat and put on the hat and mitten. You discreetly inhale Shank scents before flashing him a smile.

“Thanks Capt’n!” you turned and jumped off the boat. Cheering with excitement.

“W-Wait! Don’t- “but it was too late as you jump to the pile of snow and disappeared into the human shape hole. Shanks sigh as other chuckled. They could see your little mitten trying to get yourself out of the deep snow. You crawled out as you brushed the snow off before turning to the ship and wave.

“I’m ok!” You shouted before heading toward the village.

“Stay away from the mountain, ____! And don’t lick any metal pole! Hey! Are you listening!?” Shanks called out but you were out of range. Too hyped about the snow to pay any attention to Shanks warning. He let out a sigh but smile.

“He is going to get in trouble, isn’t he?” Shanks mumble to his first mate. He just glance at him with a small smile.

“You worry more about his safety than the rest of us?” he muttered.

“Well, I know you guys can handle yourself but with him… It’s different.” Shanks said as he walked away. “He reminds me so much of someone I once knew.”

Hours went by and you were having a time of your life. You went sledding with the local kids and built snowman out of snow and played snowball fight. Now the children wanted to play hide and seek which you quickly found out that hiding was easier said than done when the children will follow your footsteps. Then their parent called them back inside. They wanted you to joined them but you declined.

“I want to see more snow and ice.” You stated as you walked toward the forest.

“Well, you can skate at the frozen pond. It’s really fun to slide around the ice.” One suggested as he point the way.

“Just follow that set of footprint and it will lead you to our pond.”

“Cool! I can’t wait to go! Bye kids!”

“Bye Mister! Be careful not to fall through the ice or eat ice peppers!” The kids yelled but once again, you were out of ear shot. You found the small pond and you walked up to it and test the edge of the ice. Your feet slipped as you try to regained your balance before taking another step. You were skidding and flaring around the pond as you fall on your back as you slide around. You were giggling and laughing, enjoying the numbness of the cold and admiring the glistering snow. Then something caught your eyes as you sat up to get a better look. You carefully crawl your way back to the edge of the pond and climbed out of the ice. You notice that there was a small bush with many small icicles in shape of peppers.

“Cool!” You said as you pluck one off the bush and raised it to your lips. You took a bite into the ice and let it melt in your mouth. You swallow the icy cold liquid and let out a sigh of content.

“That sure hit the spot-“ you stopped when you suddenly feel very cold.

“TH-That’s weird… I w-was fine… e-e-earlier.” You murmur as your huddle yourself deep into Shanks large coat.

“I b-b-better head b-back.”

Ben and Beckman was loading up the ship when they spot something in the distance. He see you rubbing your arm and cupping your hand to your mouth as you try to warm up your hand.

“How did you like Winter island, ____?” Ben called out. You look up as he gasped. You looked a bit pale as your lips were turning blue.

“Let’s get you inside fast!” He urged as you quickly went inside. Ben place you in front of the fire as Beckman wrap you up in a bundle of blankets. Yasopp stepped inside and spotted the two of them surrounding you.

“Brrr! It’s freezing outside. Shanks and the other are at the pub and having a good time.” Yasopp said as he sat next to you.

“How are you feeling?” Yasopp asked as you turn to look at him.

“c-C-co-cold.” You shivered.

“Well, no wonder! You are still in your wet clothes! Let’s take you to your room and change into some nice dry ones.” He ordered as he wrapped his arm around you, standing up.

“Man you are sure are cold! Let’s hurry up then.” So Yasopp guide you to your room and waited outside for you to change. After a while he knocked.

“Hey! ____? Are you ok?” No answered. Yasopp frown as he knocked again. “____?”

Yasopp reach for the knob and turned it as he quickly stepped inside. You were in your pj but he didn’t see that as you were bundle up with every piece of clothes in your room on your bed.

“I’m s-s-so c-c-c-cold!” a muffled voice shuddered out from the pile. Panic rides up in him as he quickly pull away the pile to find you and picked you up. He carried you back to the fire place and grabbed all the blanket and winter clothes he could find to keep you warm. Right before he put on a hat on him, he had witness a strand of your hair turning white.

“BEN!!! Get Shank and the guys here NOW!” Yasopp ordered. Bed jumped to his feet as he grabbed his coat and rush out the door. Yasopp and Beckman was running around the ship, carrying anything and everything that could keep you warm. He put more wood in the fire until the room was practically a sauna but it still wasn’t warm enough for you.

“What’s going on?” Yasopp heard behind him as he see Shank and the crew all came back from the pub.

“SHUT THE DOOR! Don’t let the heat out!” Yasopp shouted as the one who was closest to the door shut it behind him.

“Why do we need to close it? It feels like we are in the desert. And Why is there a pile of blanket and coats in front of the fire.” Shanks asked. Yasopp grabbed him as he put him in front of the pile. There, he sees a pale crewmate with his normal hair mixed in with snow white hair. You looked up to your captain as Shank was taken back by how pale and blue you were getting.

“C-cold…” you mumbled as you bury yourself deeper into the pile.

“What’s wrong with him!?” Shanks asked as he turned to Yasopp.

“I-I don’t know! Ben and Beckman brought him in from being outside all day and nothing I do will keep him warm.” He explained.

“Perhaps I could help.” A raspy voice called out as the crew stepped away to the source of that voice. Standing by the door, a little old lady all dressed in a fur coat with long braided black and grey hair. The harsh wind did not treat her skin kindly over the years as she walk forward to the pile of clothes with her wooden cane at hand as the other place on her back.

“Who are you?” Shanks asked with his hand graze over the handle of his sword.

“I’m the old woman that is able to save your friend life. You see, your friend manage to eat one of the coldest pepper in the world called the Frost Bite. One bite will slowly turn your friend into a frozen statue if not treated within the hours. Now there is only one way to stop the ice from spreading throughout his body.” The old woman explained.

“What is it?” Shanks asked. The old woman straightens her hunch back as she places both hand on the well-designed cane.

“A kiss.” She smiled.

“WHAAAAAATTTTT!?!?!” Shanks and the crew gasped in surprised.

“That can’t be true!”

“You GOT to be joking.” They all chimed. The old lady turn with a stern look that the crew felt shiver down their spine.

“Don’t listen to my advice, fine by me,” she said coldly as she look back to Shanks. “One less pirate sailing this unforgiving sea.”

Shank narrow his eyes at her before looking over at you. He seen another strand of your hair going white as nearly your whole head is pure white.

“Fine, we’ll do it.” He grunted as he step in front of you.

“Remember, it must be a kiss of true love. No other kiss will break the Frost Bite from spreading.” She warned. Shank hesitated as he look down at you. You were starting to turn blue as he could see frost slowly forming around your face. Shank knew that he care for you and look out for you the most out of his whole crew but he wonder if it out of his duty of being a captain… or is it because deep down, somewhere along the way, he had fallen for you. Another whimper escaped your lips as Shank narrow his eyes in determination as he dove down and kissed you. He was shocked how cold your lips were but he reach up and cup your face, making it deeper. After what seem to be forever, Shanks slowly pulls away as you look up to him with wide eyes. Shanks smile as he could barely see the faint pink under the pale blue skin. The two of you stare in awe before you sneeze and bundle up again. Shanks frown deeply as he could feel his heart shattered.

“I’m not the one… I’m not his true love…” Shanks mutter as he glances over to the medicine woman. His sad soul shifted to anger as the old woman was blushing as she wiggle and squeal in delight.

“Oooh! That was so heated and passionate! I haven’t seen those kind of action in years! I could definitely see you as the dominate one in the bedroom!”

“What the hell! You perverted old woman! _____ is going to die!” Shanks yelled as she just wave him off.

“Oh, shush! Your friend is not going to die.” She said as she reaches behind, under her collar as she pulled out a jar, making her hunched back disappear. Inside the jar was a bunch of bright red peppers. So bright that it seem to be glowing. She walked over and set the jar down as she slipped on some long gloves and large mask that covered her face.

“Stand back.” She ordered as she carefully unscrewed the lip and pulled out a pair of tongs. She place it in the jar and pulled out on pepper.

“Now all you need to do is take one big bite of this, and the Frost Bite will go away.” She explained to you. You slowly nodded as you stick your head out of the pile and opened your mouth. She carefully place the pepper in your mouth as you bite into it. You chew a bit before you swallow. At first nothing seems to happen but soon, you feel your tongue heating up. Then your throat, your stomach, your face. You jumped out of the heavy pile of clothes screaming!

“HOT! HOT! HOT! WATER! I NEED WATER! MY MOUTH IS ON FIRE!” You hoarsely screamed as you run out of the room and jumped out of the ship once again next to your previous hole in the snow off the shoreline. Shank and his crew rush after you as they could see steam coming out of that human shape hole. After a moment, they heard a sigh of relief from within that hole. Your head popped out of the snow, soaking wet as you smile up at them.

“Guys! I’m ok!” An erupt cheers came across the ship in waves as they all jumped around and laugh with glee. Shanks got off the boat and walked around to where you were. You smile as you reach up your hand up to Shanks. He pulls you out of the human shape puddle as you were dripping wet.

“Wha- why are you soak?” Shanks asked as you look down at yourself then back to the hole.

“I guess my body heat melted all the snow around me. But I’m better now, Capt’n!” You cheered. Shanks frown as he lifted his hand up and brushed the wet hair off your face.

“But… your hair is still white.”

“What?!” You gasped as you pull some of your hair in front of your eyes to see. Shanks was worried that you won’t like it but he saw a large grin spread across your face.

“That’s so cool! I have white hair now! I bet the marine won’t recognized me so easily next time! I can’t wait to see what my wanted poster would look like now! I just hope that it’s a badass picture and not another one of me pouting. Ugh! So, embarrassing. I don’t get why the marine use that one instead of all the other one I did for the camera. Well, if I don’t like it, then I could easily dye it to another color and have it more badass like yours Captain!” You chatter as Shanks just smile at you before he decides to wrap his arm around you and pull you in.

“You must be freezing in that wet clothes. I’m sure there is some nice warm clothes for you in my room. Why don’t we go there since it’s closer and changed there?” Shank smirked as he pulls you to the ship under his cape.  A smug smirk came across your face as you glance up to him.

“I don’t know, Capt’n. The ship is pretty toasty in there, I think we are better off not wearing any.” You hinted. Shanks eyebrows rose in surprised before he dove down and threw you over his shoulder.

“Out of the way! Wet crew in dire need of warmth ASAP!” Shanks yelled as you giggled. He ran to his room and almost immediately started stripping your wet cloth while kissing you. You smile into the kiss as you untie his cape and let it fall to the floor and strip off his shirt. You were in your underwear as Shank push you down onto his bed and continued with his kissing attack on your neck, lips, collar bone and chest. He was kissing lower and lower until he pauses. A deep, raspy breathing was being hear in his room that was neither his nor you. Shank got up and went to the source of that sound which was inside the closet. He picked up his sword and quickly open the door before letting out a scream. There, the old woman was sitting on the closet floor with blood coming out of her nose and a large grin upon her face. A trail of drool drip on the side of her mouth as she tries to close the door again.

“D-Don’t mind me. Keep continuing what you two were doing…” She murmurs happily.

“Hell no!” You and Shank yelled out as the two of you threw mostly clothing at her until she got out of the room. Shank quickly closed and lock the door. He let out a sigh before returning his lustful gaze back to you.

“Now, where were we?” Shank asked as he strut toward you as he drop his pant, revealing his other ‘sword’. A blush came across your face at his harden member but the mood was once ruined again by the sound of heavy breathing. The two of you turn toward the door and see a shadow underneath it, with her peeping through the key hole.

“PERVERT!” The two of you screamed as Shank quickly put pants on and chase the woman off his ship.
Shanks x Reader One Shot ~ Frost Bite!
Again, this is my first gay writing and I never done this and I've read a few and I don't know if I wrote this right. It's ..... different for me. It's not that bad since it was kind of fun but at the same time, I'm not sure if this is... right... NOT THAT GAY IS BAD!:panic:  Ok, this is bad and I'm going to stop writing before I make this worst. Shokugeki no Soma - Megumi (Scared) V1 
Arms hanging above you as you were observing the upside-down world swaying around the forest. Your ankles were caught in a trap and you did struggle for a while with the bells jingling above you before you gave up completely. So, you waited until someone come around.

You heard twigs snapping as you open your eyes. You were feeling lightheaded with all the blood pooling up around your head and your limbs are feeling numb. You just hoping whoever is coming would kindly cut the trap off of you. A rustle of leaves and snap of branches where a bright red hair came to view.

Shock was apparent across his face as he tilt his head way over to the side to meet eye contact of you. You smile as you waved over to him.

“How’s it going, Cherry top?” You cheerfully said as the man pause.

“Nothing much… How are you?” The man asked.

“Oh, don’t mind me, I’m just ‘hanging’ around.” You chuckled at your own joke as you swing out of view. You see the man with the sandal walked around to you till he was in your view once again.

“I see, what happened to you and why are you in this part of the forest?” The red head asked.

“Well, if you let me down from this trap, I’ll would tell you what had happened. Heck, I’ll even reenact for you. I’m sure there’s another trap not far from here.” You smiled. The man chuckled as he reach for his sword and cut the trap down. You fell, head first as the rest of your body touch the ground.

‘Would be nice for a softer landing but at least I am down.’ You thought as you quickly sat up but immediately lay back down.

“Give me a minute, Cherry. It turned out that I’ve been hanging around for a bit too long for my body liken.” You lay on the ground as you closed your eyes, welcoming gravity to shift to normal in your body. The red hair man smile as he squat down with his sword to keep him steady.

“Well, you can still talk so why don’t you just tell me from there.” He suggested. You tilt your head up to look at him and grinned.

“Sounds good to me! Ok so this morning, I woke up on the shoreline of this beach after someone attack the ship I was hiding in. There wasn’t anything left of that ship so I wander around the forest in hope to find someone that would help me. Or at least feed me. Next thing I know, everything was turn upside-down. I tried all morning to get myself down from this trap, which I must say whoever did this trap did a wonderful job. I’m quiet impress with the handy work.” You told your story as the red hair man let out a laugh.

“Glad you like my handy work, lass! But I’m a bit disappointed that you weren’t dinner.”

“You aren’t going to eat me right?” You wearily asked as you tilt your head up.

“We wouldn’t eat a cute thing like you! Why don’t you come with me and party with us?” He asked.

“Food?” You asked as you roll over to your stomach.

“Plenty!” He chuckle as he stand up and place his sword to his hip.

“….Sake?” you quietly asked as you shifted up to your knees, looking up at him. He paused before smiling wide that could break his face. He reach his hand out for you to grab.

“I already like you lass! What’s your name?” He laughs as you reach up and grabbed his hand. His strong hand wrap around yours as he pull you up a bit too hard. You collided to his chest and you look up to him with a smirk.

“____. And you, Cherry?” You asked as you gently pushed him away as he lift his arm up to scratch the back of his head.


“Well, Shanks, shall you lead the way?” You tilt your head to the side as Shanks nodded and walk toward camp. All the while, you frown not given a chance to admire Shank butt since the cape was in the way. Before long, the two of you came upon a clearing where many men were mostly lying around and drinking.

“Capt’n! What did we catch?” One man holler as he took a huge bite of meat.

“Well, I manage to trap this sweet little thing right here! Everyone! This here is ____ and she’ll be hanging with us for a while.” Shanks said as he steps aside and pull you to his side.

“Unfortunately, she is unediable. Much too sweet for my taste.”

“How do you know how I taste? I may be a bit too spicy for you to handle.” You smirked as you walked ahead of him. Shanks took the time to admire your bum swaying back and forth. You snatch a bottle of rum from one man with dreadlock as you chuck back a few swallow. You let out a sigh as you pull the rim away from your lips and smile.

“Shall we get this party started?” You asked before a hiccup escaped you. A wail of laughter echoed through the beach as everyone sat up and started to cook a buffet. Shank and his crew party from noon to the night. You had a wonderful time hanging out with the red hair pirate and once you found out that Shank has one arm, it didn’t faze you. In fact, it just unleased an series of bad puns and jokes which eventually started to annoyed the Yonko toward the end of the night.

“Here, let me give you a hand with that.” You slurred as you took off his cape.

“____...” Shanks sighed out as he peers over to you as you sway around him.

“What’s wrong? Is that Sake too much to HANDle?” You cooed as you plop down beside him after wrapping yourself with his cape.

“Give me back my cape… and my drink,” Shank grumbled as you snatch out the bottle out of his hand.

“Are you going to single handily get them back or are you going to tie your hand behind your back and kick me off the beach and onto the ship.”

“I was thinking a bit farther than that.” Shank muttered under his breath as he got the bottle back from you. You didn’t hear that comment as you let out a sigh and stretch out your limbs.

“You know, they say you are the only one left but you are all RIGHT. In fact, you are pretty HANDsome!” You giggled with flush cheeks as Shank glare shifted to a smirk.

“Oh? You think I’m handsome?” He spoke in a rugged voice. You smile as you place a finger on your chin.

“Of course, I do. Although I can’t put my FINGER on it on what exactly what makes me so attractive to you.” You say as you stood back up and circled around him with his cape dragged behind you.

“Many would have considered you ARMed and dangerous but you are just dangerous. But it’s still a bit WRISTy(risky) to cross path with the likes of you.” Your puns continued to annoy Shanks as he sat up and walked over to you.

“When are you going to stop with the puns, _____?” He asked as you continued to smile at him, unphased at his dark mood. You lift your hands up to his chest as it snakes up to his neck. You pull him in closer as you whispered in his ears.

“Until you prove that you can single handily please me better as one arm man than the two-arm man in bed.” Shank pulled back shocked before his lip curled into a lustful smile.

“I’ll look forward to proving that theory.” Shanks huskfully said as he lifts you up over his shoulder as he makes his way to the bedroom.
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13. If I can smell that stinky fish smell, I won't eat the fish.  

Answering :iconmunran:

1. What's your favorite dessert?
That is very hard to choose... Puppy chows, red velvet cupcakes or Anniversary cake icecream.

2. If you could go anywhere, where would you go?
I'm already here, IN AUSTRALIA!

3. WAIT! Don't move. Your favorite character is standing right behind you.
*Slowly turn around with a slight blush on my face*
"Uh, hi there... Just how long have you been standing there? You didn't see me- Oh you did?" *Blush even more* "Well this is a bit embar- WAIT! HOW DID YOU GET IN MY HOUSE?! What's going on?!?!"

4. What kind of pet would you have?
A cat because they are pretty independent and I don't have to rush home to take them outside for them to pee and stuff. Plus they don't have that horriable wet dog smell
5. Luffy - Love  : Oooooiiii! What are you?
I ate the water-water fruit so I can control the water. So the whole sea water thing shouldn't be a problem for me. 

6. Luffy - Love : Can you poop?
Luffy Anime Emoji (Eh) [V5] Really Luffy?

7. Luffy OP Icon 19 : Become my nakama! (Me: Hey, I'm the one asking questions! Luffy:Luffy Anime Emoji (Nose pick) [V5] Me to Luffy: Luffy Anime Emoji (Got hit or slap) [V5] )

8.  Moving on, what was the first manga/anime that you've ever read/watched?
I think the first one that I actually watch and completed was Tokyo Mew Mew

9. Are you aware rabbits are evil?
Yes I do but it all depend on how you are handling it and the care they had as well as the training. 

10. What would make a perfect day for you?
Either having fun with my friends or being able to cross something off my long ass bucket list. (I swear I add on than I cross off)

11. How frequently do you find yourself on DeviantArt?
I would be checking it maybe four to six times a day. Even more after I post a chapter. 

12. If you were to get into trouble, who would be with you?
Depend on the situation. Mostly, I would look calm and collected on the outside but freaking the hell out in the inside. 

13. Did you like my questions?
Sure, it was better than asking what is my favorite color

My Questions

1.What is your favorite time of day?

2. What is your favorite genre of movie/book/anime/ect.? (humor, horror, drama?)

3. If you can change one thing, anything, what would it be?

4. Have you seen Jurassic World yet? And if you did, did you liked it?

5. Do you remember what you did yesterday at 4:13pm?

6. At that time above (if you remembered) Your character crush just pop up at that exact moment.... What is your reaction?

7. Do you perfer coffee or tea?

8. Do you watch the series of Avatar?

9. So what would you do? Stroke Jafar beard from Aladdin or eat a grub?

10. What was your biggest dream when you were a kid?

11. What do you want?

12. Do you perfer dino nuggets or smiley face nuggets?

13. What would be your ideal place to live?

I am tagging:
:iconmasteriesofthegame: :iconfairytailgrace: :iconseblackburn: :iconkenshikazuma: :iconkeira2510: :iconlittledreamer101: :iconwritingtheinserts: :iconmalecas: :iconjeannette11: :iconskeletorspain: :icone-vay: :iconriseagainstevil: :iconmunran:

Ok, I hope I did this right. Enjoy the chaosUsopp what 
Bye bye! Usopp (Running) [V2] 


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